Nationwide Emergency Response System established under Nirbhya Fund

Central Government has envisioned to establish a nation wide Emergency Response System(NERS) comprising an integrated Computer Aided Despatch(CAD) platform under Nirbhya Fund. Under this system at least one call center has to be establish in each State and Union Territory.  Department of Telecommunication allocated "112" number as the Single Emergency Response number for all over the country. The State Apex Committee, State Steering Committee and District Mission Committee are constituted for implementing the NERS project at the State level.
Rajasthan government established State Apex Committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretory. Principal Secretory, Home, Disaster Management, Woman and child Development, Health, DOIT&C, Representative from NIC and MHA as member and Additional Director general of Police (Telecommunication & Technical) as its (NERS) nodal officer of the Committee. State Apex Committee is responsible of giving approval at highest level of the State, the committee would be responsible for over all project implementation, review progress of project, for decision regarding adding new services/help lines in the NERS.