'Peacocks Don't Have Sex' Rajasthan Judge's Remark Stumps Twitter

Rajasthan high court judge Mahesh Chand Sharma said on Wednesday that a Peacocks don't have sex and it was because of this “quality“ that it was declared India's national bird. That bizarre remark came from a Rajasthan High Court judge and it kept Twitter hooked to their keyboards for hours. That comment was made by Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma who, on Wednesday, recommended that the cow be given the status of India's national animal. In his argument, the judge compared the cow to the national bird, the peacock, and described both the species as "pious".
Elaborating on how peacock is considered holy because of its so-called celibacy, Sharma said: “Mor ka pankh bhi bhagwan Krishna ne isi liye lagaya. Sadhu-santon aur mandiron mein issi liye mor ko kaam mein liya jata hai -brahmcharya hai.(Lord Krishna wore the peacock feather for this reason.The feather is used by saints and priests and in temples because peacock is a celibate.)“.