Income Tax notice to Tea seller who gives Rs 1 crore as dowry

Leela Ram Gujjar, a tea stall owner from Bhiwandi in Alwar district, Rajasthan, was served with an Income Tax notice after video of him allegedly distributing Rs 1 crore for dowry on account of his daughters' wedding circulated on social media. The wedding ceremony took place on April 5. As per reports, Leela Ram Gujjar married six of his daughters; four of them were allegedly underage (below 18 years). Indian laws prohibit marriage of any girl under the age of 18 and giving or receiving dowry is punishable and attracts at least 5 years of jail term for the same. Leela Ram Gujjar was asked to appear at the I-T office in Jaipur to explain how he managed to gather such a huge amount. Gujjar is absconding after I-T sent him the notice and could not be found by the police.