Rajasthan govt rolls back power tariff hike to farmers

Rajasthan government on Saturday rolled back the power tariff hike effective from September last year on agriculture connections. Farmers will now have to pay 90 paise per unit instead of Rs 1.15 per unit. Addressing a press conference here, the power minister said that famers would now get power at the earlier rate of 90 paise per unit instead of Rs 1.15. And for meter-less connections, the flat rate would be Rs 85 per HP instead of Rs 120 per HP. He said the government would bear the additional burden on this count.
Farmers at many places in the state were protesting against the power tariff hike.The Kisan Mahapanchayat, which had given a call to lay siege to the assembly on February 23, has now postponed the agitation. Meanwhile farmer leader Rampal Jat of Kisan Mahapanchayat which has been spearheading agitations by farmers against the power hike of agriculture sector said his organization had shelved in the proposed siege of the Assembly on February 23.