NHPC signs wind power purchase agreement in Rajasthan

State-owned NHPC has announced that it has signed a power purchase pact with Rajasthan as well as Inox Ltd for a 50 mw wind power project in the state. A wind power purchase agreement has been signed amongst Rajasthan Government, NHPC Ltd and Inox Ltd on September 28 for 50 mw wind power project in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. As per the PPA, Rajasthan government will purchase the power generated from the project. During FY'16, NHPC power stations achieved the generation of 23404 million units (MU).
NHPC is engaged in the construction of 5 projects aggregating to a total installed capacity of 4290 MW including 1000 mw (Pakal Dul hydroelectric project) being executed through JV company. Ten projects of 7,151 mw are awaiting clearances/ government approval for their implementation including three projects of 1,186 mw to be executed through subsidiary/joint venture companies.