Bharat Parv 2016 being celebrated on Rajpath lawns from 12th to 18th Aug, 2016

Bharat Parv is being organized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India to celebrate the festivities associated with seventy years of independence. There are four components of the festival – Food, handicraft, cultural presentations and State Theme pavilion. The state of Rajasthan is participating in all the activities. The state has set up a food stall and a handicraft stall offering authentic Rajasthani Cuisine and Handicraft items of the state, respectively. The State Pavilion showcases the recent development initiatives in the state. All the stalls are distinctive in typical Rajasthan décor.The stalls and pavilion are attracting large number of visitors on daily basis.
A cultural presentation was made by the Delhi based voluntary associations of Rajasthani people on the 13th of Aug, 2016. The presentations depicted the Rajasthani folk music and dance in a very creative and impressive way. People of all age groups participated in the cultural show with great enthusiasm. The highlights were Ghoomar dance, Chang Dhap and Kalbelia dance presented by the members of various associations. The show was highly appreciated by the audience as well as by the Ministry officials present therein