BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja Says He Accpets Black Money and Uses It To Save Cow

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promised to bring back all the black money stashed from abroad before coming to power. As the party tries to actually figure out on how to get it back despite completing two years in power, BJP's Gyan Dev Ahuja came up with a very nationalist way of dealing with black money. The MLA from Ramgarh constituency in Alwar, Rajasthan has said that whenever he gets illegitimate money, he does not use it for personal things but ends up donating for noble causes. "Whenever someone offers it to me, I ask them to spend it on some good cause, like on the upkeep of temples and gurdwaras… I also give them a receipt. Some people ask me, why a receipt if it is illegitimate money. I say they have spent it on a good cause, so what is the harm in giving them a receipt", he told the Indian Express adding that politicians are always approached with black money.
MLA's declarations are bound to come as a shocker for the party. However, his candid admissions take his party's honesty about its relationship with black money a notch higher.
This is not the first time Ahuja has made such statements. For all those who followed the JNU anti-national controversy, he is the same gentleman who was in the limelight for saying that JNU is a hub of criminal activities and its students are responsible for 50 percent rapes in Delhi. He had also said that 3,000 used condoms and beer cans are found daily inside the campusBJP President Amit Shah earlier said its electoral promise of bring back black money from foreign banks was just a 'jumla', or a gimmick. Now one of his party's MLAs has gone a step ahead and conveyed to the nation that the party actually participates in the proliferation of black money.