Girl commits suicide after cracking IIT-JEE, didn’t want to be an engineer

A 17-year-old girl in Kota, Rajasthan committed suicide because she didn’t want to become an engineer, and that too after clearing the IIT entrance exam. The girl jumped off a five storey building in Kota and was declared brought dead when taken to the hospital. She had left a five-paged suicide note where she had explained the reason of her death: not becoming an engineer.
Hailing from Ghaziabad, she was staying with her parents in Kota where she was a student in one of the several coaching institutes in the city, around 250km from capital Jaipur. This is the fifth suicide by a student this year in Kota, famous for its coaching institutes that train candidates for different entrance exams including the joint entrance exams (mains), considered among the toughest in the country. Students who clear the mains qualify for the advanced exams that secure them a place in the IITs. Experts say that most of the suicides are due to fear of failure and the burden of expectations from family.