Haj 2016 Applications from 14th January to 8th February 2016

Haj Applications for Haj 2016 would be issued and   received from 14th January to 8th February 2016. In a statement, he stated that the Haj Committee of India has finalised the action plan for Haj-2016 and according to which ‘qurrah’ (draw of lots) for selection of pilgrims for the Haj would be held any time between March 15 and 23. Haj quota this year would be allotted to States on the basis of census 2011.
It can also be downloaded from the website www.hajcommittee.gov.in. Photo copies of the application form can also be used. The intending pilgrims should possess machine readable valid international passport issued on or before February 8, 2016 and valid at least till March 10, 2017. The applicants must give details of their account in a bank having IFS code. For details about Haj 2016, the pilgrims should go through the guidelines for Haj 2016 or access the Haj Committee of India's website www.hajcommittee.gov.in