Govt. should withdraw New Land Ordinance Bill: Anna Hazare

Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare begins a two-day protest against Land Acquisition ordinance at Jantar Mantar from Monday, on the day the Budget Session of the Parliament commences. Hazare is holding the protest to demand the withdrawal of the anti-farmer amendments to the Land Acquisition Act, 2013, which was amendment by BJP Government. Hazare said the two-day protest will be followed by a three to four month long 'padyatra' across the country to make people aware of the "anti-farmer" provisions made by the Centre in the ordinance. Veteran social activist Anna Hazare on Sunday called for the Land Ordinance Bill to be taken back, adding that the government should instead look out for ways to improve the condition of the farmers.
While interacting with the mediapersons, he said that the agitation is not against any person or party but for the benefit of farmers. “The BJP went for an ordinance on land acquisition which is not in favour of democracy,” he was quoted by ANI. On the issue of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas joining the agitation, he said that he is welcome to join the agitation but as part of public. “If people from any political party joins us on stage then people will think that its a party's protest,” he added. He further added that Congress was not voted back to power by people because they must have done something wrong.
Anna hazare begins speech at Jantar-mantar against New Land Ordinance Bill. Here is Live Highlights:
- Anna accuses BJP for bringing a bill which is anti-farmers and poor.
- New Land Ordinance Bill has removed following main clause:
* No need to take permission of 70% farmers while acquiring land.
* Now farmers need govt. permission before approaching court.
* Land not used by industrialist even after given time, land will not be returned to farmers as per new bill, making it anti-farmers.
- Now irrigated land can be easily acquired.
- Anna compare BJP's Land Ordinance Bill with British rules.
- Anna questions "Acche Din" for whom ???, Only for Industrialist not for farmers and poor.
- Anna demands withdraw of Land Acquisition ordinance and changes if any required in positive way to Land Ordinance Bill for better future of farmers.