Jaipur hottest in 33 years with 46.3 degree C, Mansoon likely to hit Rajasthan by July 1

North India reeled under severe heat wave conditions on Thursday, with Jaipur experiencing the hottest day in 33 years at 46.3 degrees Celsius. In Rajasthan heat wave conditions affected normal life, with Bikaner sizzling at 47.4 degrees Celsius. State capital Jaipur was the hottest since 1981, according to the local MeT office. According to MeT forecast, weather will remain mainly dry in Rajasthan and nothern India this week.
Moreover there one more bad news of delay in Mansoon by two week, which normally enters rajasthan in third week of June. As per IMD data Mansoon is expected to hit rajasthan by 1st July 2014 or first week of July 2014. According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the arrival of south west monsoon in Kerala is delayed and it is likely to enter the state by June 5. "After monsoon sets in Kerala, it takes almost 25 days to reach Rajasthan. We are expecting the pre-monsoon activity by June 20. Monsoon is likely to hit some parts of Rajasthan on July 1 and widespread rain is likely by July 15," predicts Met. The heat wave conditions would continue to prevail in most parts of the state during the next 24 hours.