Rajasthan BJP releases Manifesto 2013

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today releases Election manifesto 2013 for Rajasthan. Releasing the 60-page ‘Suraj Sankalp Patra’, BJP President Rajnath Singh said people had lost faith in political manifestos released by other parties and hence his party had named it differently. State BJP chief Vasundhara Raje told reporters that the party would ensure farmers get agriculture loans at 1 per cent interest and unemployed youths get up to Rs 20 lakh loan at 3 per cent to set up business. It promised to create 15 lakh new jobs in the next five year-term.  BJP promised five percent reservation to Gujjars and to rehabilitate Hindus from Pakistan in a populist manifesto for the Dec 1 Rajasthan assembly polls. 
The manifesto, released in the presence of BJP president Rajnath Singh and Rajasthan's chief ministerial candidate Vasundhara Raje, promises five percent reservation for Gujjars, jobs for youth, development of educational infrastructure for minorities and rehabilitation of Pakistani Hindus among several other things. "We will provide employment opportunities to 1.5 million youths. We will also ensure uninterrupted electricity supply 24 hours a day," Raje said after releasing the manifesto. The manifesto also promises to provide loans to farmers on one percent interest rate and introduction of Agriculture Security Act. BJP has also promised to provide five percent reservation to socially backward castes like Gujjar, Rebari and Raika communities under the ninth schedule of the Constitution. Rajasthan Congress on sunday released a populist manifesto for the Rajasthan assembly Election 2013. Congress has promised 35 kg of wheat free-of-charge to all households that don’t pay income tax; State-sponsored pilgrimage to senior citizen couples of any religion; half-a-million jobs to the State’s youth; and concessional plots to artisans and rehabilitation pension of Rs.1,500 for three years to unemployed widows belonging to the Economically Backward Class. Conress party, in the manifesto, says it will come out with a policy for dairy sector development.  Lets see which Manifesto and party will woo the voters in election.