Rajasthan BJP completes candidate list with remaining 5 candidates

Rajasthan BJP declares Third and Final list of 5 candidates for Rajasthan Assembly Election 2013.  BJP's second list includes name of Alka Gurjar, Ajit Mehta, Rajendra Gurjar, Sushila Kanwar and Kirtikumari. BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh has approved the recommendations of Rajasthan's State Election Committee regarding the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan.
So far the Rajasthan BJP has declared full list of 200 candidates for the 200 assembly seats in Rajasthan. The names of the candidates finalised for the Legislative Assembly Constituencies are given below.
Rajasthan BJP Third List of 5 candidates, Names:
85. Bandikui Seat BJP Candidate Name 2013:  Smt. Alka Singh
96. Tonk Seat BJP Candidate Name 2013:  Shri Ajit Mehta
97. Deoli-Uniara Seat BJP Candidate Name 2013:  Shri Rajendra Gurjar
104. Masuda Seat BJP Candidate Name 2013:  Smt. Sushil Kanwar Palada
183. Mandalgarh Seat BJP Candidate Name 2013:  Smt. Kirti Kumari

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