How to Stop sharing location on Facebook Page

How to Disable / Stop sharing location on Facebook Page: Facebook is back again to disturb you privacy without notifying users or providing information about distributing your current locations publicly to your friends and readers once you share anything on facebook page or timeline. The worst part is there is no straightforward opt-out option available as of now on facebook profile. Many or my friends and readers asked by how can I get facebook to stop sharing my location on posts (ie Hello Rajasthan says 5 mins ago near Jaipur, Rajasthan)? Also, there's a map on my page showing where I've been and I don't want that on there either. The worst part come in picture on some of my Facebook Admin from Bangalore,  Jalandhar and Delhi Share something its comes "Rajasthan News from Bangalore / Jalandhar/ Delhi" status to readers which is annoying not only to us but also to readers. as shown in below post.
Hope facebook will soon provide some solution in coming time as world's most popular social network is quickly creeping into everything we do and turning our lives into easily digestible status updates. Understandably, there are some who would very much prefer that their personal information, especially their location at any given moment, remain private. In short there is not solutions for that all you have to do is disable this unwanted location awareness, and it’s hiding in plain sight. When you click in the Update Status box, you’ll see your closest city listed in the gray bar along the bottom. I probably looked at this a hundred times without actually realizing what it was or why it was there—it just kind of snuck under the radar. Mouse over that city and click the little ‘x’ to the right of it.