Rajiv Gandhi was 'negotiator' for Swedish jet firm: WikiLeaks

The latest WikiLeaks revelations of Rajiv Gandhi having been a conduit in negotiations for a Swedish fighter plane in the 70s injected a fresh dose of acrimony in the already bitter Congress-BJP ties. The WikiLeaks revelation flows from newly-released secret "Kissinger" cables dispatched by US embassy in India between 1973 and 1976 that claim Rajiv was the "negotiator" for a Swedish firm trying to sell fighters to Indian Air Force (IAF) by referring to a Swedish Embassy official in India. 
A report published by a leading daily ‘The Hindu’ on WikiLeaks expose of US diplomatic cables relating to “the Henry Kissinger era” claimed that Rajiv Gandhi could have been a middleman for the Swedish company Saab-Scania, when it was trying to sell its Viggen fighter aircraft to India in the 1970s. This was several months before Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister, then a pilot with the Indian Airlines. This shocking revelation is contained in the Kissinger era Cables claims that he was the “main Indian negotiator” for a massive aircraft deal for which his “family” connections were seen as valuable.
Congress chief spokesman and general secretary Janardan Dwivedi was quick to slam the report  blaming sections of media, for believing in sensational news. The ruling party has earlier too sneered at the leaks by the WikiLeaks. Dwivedi accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of “spreading lies and falsehoods” and asked the media not to fall for “temporary gains” (of circulation) by publishing such lies. “We are very hurt with the news,” he said while dismissing questions on any legal action by the party.

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