Rajasthan Govt. Employees pay revised, Krishna Bhatnagar Panel Recommendations made Public

Rajasthan State government made the Krishna Bhatnagar committee’s recommendations on the salaries, allowances and work conditions of its employees public on Tuesday. These were implemented last Saturday after a cabinet nod even without disclosing them to the employees. The full details are released on official website of Finance Department, Rajasthan, employees can check it at REPORT OF THE UPGRADATION AND PAY ANOMALIES REDRESSAL COMMITTEE. Rajasthan Govt. has made Krishna Bhatnagar Committee report public. The state employees were demanding to publish the report and threatened to go for mass leave and resort to agitation for access to this confidential report. 
The Govt. has accepted the report and upgraded pays for the employees and orders have been issued in this effect on 6th of this month. Salient features of Bhatnagar Panel Recommendations are: The pay hike will be implemented from  1.1.2006 in stead of 1.9.2006. City Compensatory Allowance also to be hiked. Excess pay will be available from 01.07.2013 and Grade Pay of the employees will be enhanced. As per the committee’s recommendations, the grade pay of Rs 3,200 has been increased to Rs 3,600, the grade pay of Rs 3,600 has been increased to Rs 4,200 and the grade pay of Rs 4,200 has been increased to Rs 4,600. The teachers’ grade pay has been increased from Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,600.