Free Medical diagnostic test scheme, Rajasthan

Rajasthan become the first state in India to have a free medical diagnostic test scheme. Rajasthan Government on the occasion of World Health Day on 7 April 2013 introduced the scheme of free essential diagnostic tests in government hospitals across the state. Under the launched scheme the medical investigations include 14 different tests of ECG, X-ray, clinical pathology, blood sugar, blood urea, Hb, complete urine test and others. The scheme is planned to be executed in three different phases and the second phase of the same scheme will be introduced on 1 July 2013, Doctor’s Day. The scheme in its second phase will also cover the community health centers and will offer facilities of free services for 28 different types of tests. The third phase is planned to be implemented from Independence Day, 15 August 2013 under the third phase 15 types of tests will be made free at Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and dispensaries.
A free diagnosis scheme which had been on a trial run since April 1 would be launched throughout Rajasthan in a phased manner from Sunday on the eve of the World Health Day. Under the scheme, patients can undergo 57 free diagnostic tests at government hospitals linked to medical colleges. Another 44 tests would be offered free of cost at district and satellite hospitals. Gehlot said that the scheme is likely to benefit lakhs of patients across the state.