Student killed over college rivalry in Udaipur

Old rivalry between two student groups claimed the life of a 1st Year student of B.Sc. (BN College) and left five others injured on the campus of a college in Udaipur on Monday. The deceased identified as Jaypal Singh Mertia was a first year student of B N College in Udaipur and was a resident of Pali district. Mertiya, resident of Padampura, Pali District was staying in a hostel. Supporters of the victim demanded immediate arrest of the accused. 
Amid mass protest by Rajput community over the murder, the postmortem of Jaipal Singh Mertiya could not be carried out today. Earlier on December 15, the student groups of M B College and B N College had clashed over a petty issue during the annual function celebrations which is considered main reason for clash as per initial report.  Police has identified 10 people involved in the brutal attack that took Mertiya’s life. Some of accused identified are Harish Meena, Parvat Singh Rana, Dharmesh Tank, Yashwanth Choudhary, Bharat Jat and others.