Rajasthan uses first time " Right to Recall" in Mangrol, Ashok Jain wins

For the first time in Rajasthan, an election for recalling an elected chairman of a municipal body was held in Mangrol Municipality area of Baran district on Wednesday. In a first ever right to recall vote held in Rajasthan on Wednesday, Ashok Jain, chairman of a municipal body, came out victorious. In accordance to the the Rajasthan Municipal Act 2009 that furnishes the voter with the 'Right to recall', people of Mangrol municipality voted in the election on Wednesday. Ashok Jain wins "Right to Recall" vote in Mangrol Municipal corporation in Rajasthan. 
The motion for right to recall against the Chairman Ashok Jain, was passed in January for his alleged under performance. In November 2009, Jain, who had contested as an independent candidate, was elected as the chairman of Mangrol Municipality Board. Ashok Jain won by 3,488 votes and retained the post of Mangrol Muncipal Chairman. Jain, who recently joined Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party said "I am an honest man and due to nexus of Congress and BJP corporators I have been dragged into the poll to Right to Recall." The result would decide whether ‘I am wrong or right,’ he said.
What is Right to Recall ? 
"Right to Recall" is a proposed law in India that would allow voters to recall their candidates before their term ends and request Election Commission for fresh elections. "Right to Reject" is a proposed voting option in India that would allow voters who support none of the candidates available to them to register an official vote of "none of the above", which is not currently allowed under India election regulation. Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party has promised to bring the 'Right to Reject' law and promises to provide provision to hold fresh elections if majority chooses for 'reject all' option while voting.