12.12.12 the End of World or New Beginning ?

12.12.12 (Today) is End of World as Mayan calendar predicts for this Wednesday, 12/12/12 but we think its new beginning. Another day which is known as doomsday is December 21, 2012 but lets enjoy and an extend end-of-the-world party and enjoy wonderful weather. According to Mayan calculations, the current cycle of the world is due to end in December 2012. There is some disagreement over whether the end of the current cycle of the world will involve the end of the world itself.
Lets enjoy 12.12.12 as special day where Day, Month and Year is same i.e. 12. After more than a decade of repetitive dates starting on New Year’s Day 2001 remember when 01.01.01 we will see next triple digit on 01.01.2101.
Lets enjoy the special moment of 12.12.12 and Celebrate Life as its not end of life, its new beginning.