Parliament winter session begins today

Winter Session of Parliament beginning on Thursday is expected to generate a lot of heat over the issue of FDI in retail with friend-turned-foe Trinamool Congress even threatening to move a no-confidence motion against the government. While indications are that fiery Mamata Banerjee‘s Trinamool Congress (TMC) is unlikely to get many backers for the no-trust move, the Left and the Right are talking of a resolution on the FDI issue under a rule which entails voting. Speaking to reporters after the All Party Meeting held at the Parliament house ahead of winter session beginning on Thursday, Mrs Kumar said, the political parties have also suggested several issues to be taken up for discussion during the session. She said, the parties have assured to cooperate for transacting business in the house. Parliamentary affairs Minister Kamalnath said, the meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere. He said, the Parliament belongs to all and convergence has to be arrived at through discussion on contentious issues to avoid disruption of proceedings.
Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj said, her party has given notice for discussion of FDI in retail under rules that entails voting. She also alleged that the government has violated its earlier assurance that a decision on FDI in retail would be taken only after arriving at a consensus on the issue. Samajwadi Party leader Rewati Raman Singh said all issues should be dicussed in the Parliament though FDI is the main issue. He said, his party will take a final call on whether to go for voting on the issue tommorow.