Barack Obama wins Presidential Election 2012

Democrat Barack Obama re-elected US President today in presidential elections 2012 in results announced today. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to hold the office, has been re-elected for a second term. Mr. Obama defeated his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, after a long, hard-fought and one of the most expensive presidential campaigns in American history. President Obama secured victory in the key swing states of Ohio that put him over the top in the final electoral vote.
Democrat Barack Obama wins might not be good for Indian IT Companies as Republican challenger, Mitt Romney was more liberal on Visa and Outsourcing point but overall not a too big worry for Indian Market. Democrat Barack Obama crosses golden mark of 271 when as he secures 274 votes till now while Republican challenger, Mitt Romney manage to get only 201 votes. CNN calls it, the Republicans have been thumped. Barack Obama has been re-elected the President of the United States. Crowds roar in Chicago. New York breaks into a jig. Barack Obama claimed victory with posts on his Twitter and Facebook pages. "This happened because of you. Thank you," he tweeted on his official account.