Team Anna to end Fast, Enter Politics

Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare hinted he was open to the idea of his movement entering politics. The announcement came after his latest public fast failed to lead to negotiations with the government on the Lokpal Bill, which is still pending parliamentary approval. Anna Hazare and several of his close associates announced their ongoing hunger strike will end Friday afternoon. The latest round of indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar in the heart of national capital had made some points amply clear. The hunger strike was not going to bring in a Lokpal or for that matter an SIT against corrupt ministers despite some of the fasting members being close to being hospitalised without the fast yielding any result. Team Anna today decided to end its indefinite fast tomorrow and take a plunge into politics. "It is another two years to go to polls in 2014. We have to go to people throughout the country in the next one-and- half years".
"Why waste time on fasts? Tomorrow at 5 pm, all fast will end," Hazare told supporters at Jantar Mantar at the end of an address in which he enunciated the civil society's approach to providing a political alternative to the current system. However, questions still remained as to what Team Anna would do regarding the political alternative and whether they would launch a party themselves.