Rajasthan Student Union Election Results 2012

Rajasthan Student Unions Election Results 2012: Rajasthan Student Unions Election voting completed peacefully today and finally results is announced for more than 130 colleges and five state universities including Rajasthan University Jaipur for various post such as University President, Vice President, General Secretary(GS) and Joint Secretary. The main fight is between Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)and National Students' Union of India (NSUI). ABVP manage to win president seat of Rajasthan University and MDSU Ajmer. Here is Live Results for Student Unions Election 2012 in Rajasthan. 
Rajasthan Student Unions Election Results Live, 18th August 2012:
Rajasthan University(RU), Jaipur Election Results:
Rajasthan University President - Rajesh Meena (ABVP)
Rajasthan University Vice-President - Neha Singh (NSUI)
Rajasthan University General Sect.(GS) - Lalit Kumar (NSUI)
Rajasthan University Joint Sect. - Rajendra Kumar Choudhary 
Commerce College, Jaipur Results:
President - Surendra kumar palsaniya
Vice-President - Hariom Meena
General Secretary(GS) - Imran Kuraishi
Joint Secretary - Vikas Saini
Maharani College, Jaipur Results:
President - Anjali Meena
Vice-President - Priyanka Bunkar
General Secretary(GS) - Anjali Rathore
Joint Secretary - Deepa Kumari
Kanodiya College, Jaipur Results:
President - Navina Sharma
Vice-President - Pinki Nitharwal
General Secretary(GS) - Apoorva Nagpal
Joint Secretary - Mitali Gaud 
Rajasthan University Physchology, Jaipur Results:
President -  Tejeswar Pareek
Vice-President - Bhoomika Joshi
General Secretary(GS) - Bhawna
Law Morning College, Jaipur Results:
President - Abhishek Choudhary
Vice-President - Amitabh Vijayvargiya
General Secretary(GS) - Amit Kumar gupta
Joint Secretary - Rubina Bhati
Law evening College, Jaipur Results:
President - Deepesh kumar sharma
Vice-President - Nitesh Goyal
General Secretary(GS) - Aamir Khan
Joint Secretary - Mahesh Khinchi
SMS Medical College, Jaipur Results:
President - Mukesh Kumar
Vice-President - Ankit Pargi
General Secretary(GS) - Manoj Beri
Joint Secretary - Mukesh Yadav
Jagatguru Ramanand Rajasthan Sanskrit University Results:
President - Ghanshyam Gautam (ABVP)
Vice-President - Sandeep Choudhary(ABVP)
General Secretary(GS) - Jitendra Gurjar (ABVP)
Joint Secretary - Rounak Sharma (ABVP)
Rajasthan College, Jaipur Results
President - Sonu ram Meena
Vice-President - Vinod Meena
General Secretary(GS) - Anil Meena

Joint Secretary - Vinod Meena 
Maharaja College, Jaipur
President - Pawan sharma
Vice-President - Ramraj Nitharwal
GS - Naresh Yogi
General Sect. - Kanha Ram sharma
Maharaja Gangasingh University, Bikaner  
President - Manohar singh Siyana (Independent)
Vice-President - Hitesh singh Rajpurohit (Independent)
General Sect. - Kritika Pandala (NSUI)
Joint Sect. - Akshay Joshi (ABVP)
GCA Ajmer Election Results:
Mohit Malhotra - GCA President (NSUI)
Tekchand - GCA Vice-President (NSUI)
Deepak Kumar Meena - GCA General Sect. (NSUI)
Kanchan Bachhani - GCA Joint Sect. (NSUI) 
JNVU Jodhpur Election Results:
JNVU Jodhpur President - Ravindra Singh Ranawat (SFI)
JNVU Jodhpur Vice-President - Lalit Kapuria(NSUI)
JNVU Jodhpur General Sect.(GS) - Mohit Sankhala (NSUI)
JNVU Jodhpur Joint Sect. - Bhawana Solanki (SFI)

MDSU Ajmer Election Results:
Mohit kumar Jain - President (ABVP)
Lokendra Singh - Vice-President (NSUI)
Vikram Swami - General Sect. (ABVP)
Vivek Dadhich - Joint Sect. (NSUI)
MLSU Udaipur Election Results
President: Pankaj Borana(ABVP)
Vice President: Praveen Singh Asolia
Gen. Secretary: Devendra Meena
Joint Secretary: Kritika Singhvi
College of Commerce, Udaipur

President: Jitendra Singh Shaktawat
Vice President: Mamta Meena
Gen. Secretary: Govind Gawri
Joint Secretary: Manish Chaudhry
College of Science, Udaipur

President: Bhupendra Meghwal
Vice President: Nilesh Sharma
Gen. Secretary: Arvind Koted
Joint Secretary: Himani Verma
University College of Arts, Udaipur

President: Dinesh Bhoi
Vice President: Satish Mewara
Gen. Secretary: Laxman Lal Meena
Joint Secretary: Kusum Joshi
University College of Law, Udaipur

President: Kushal Parmar
Gen. Secretary: Sourav Sharma
MPUAT Udaipur Election Results
President: Rishi Upadhyay
Gen. Secretary: Raghav Sharma
Joint Secretary & Treasury: Priyanka
Rajasthan Agriculture College, Udaipur

President: Suresh Kumar Berwa
Gen. Secratary: Ratan Lala Yadav
Joint Secretary & Treasury: Rajesh Meena
College of Technology & Engineering(CTAE), Udaipur

President: Mayank Kumar
Gen. Secretary: Arun Kumar Nagar
Joint Secretary & Treasury: Mayank Pokharna
Dairy & Food Science Engineering College, Udaipur

President: Vikas Kumar Verma
Gen. Secretary: Vikas Kumar
Joint Secretary  & Treasury: Bharat Ameta
Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur

President: Pawan Kumar Parikh
Gen. Secretary: Sodan Singh
Joint Secretary & Treasury: Jitendra Yadav
Home Science College College, Udaipur

President:  Mamta Devi Jat
Gen. Secretary: Vaid Priya Sahu
Joint Secretary & Treasury: Umang Nigam
Govt. Colleges of Rajasthan Results:
Govt. College Churu President - Harsh Lamba (NSUI)
SBD College SardarSahar President - Ramprajapat Dudi (NSUI)
Sardarsahar Woman College President - Priyanka Choudhary (NSUI)
RR College, Alwar President - Kuldeep Choudhary (NSUI)
JD College, Alwar President - Sarita Bodh (ABVP)
Arts College, Alwar President - Narendra Meena (Independent)
Girls College, Ajmer President - Sunita Choudhary (NSUI)
SK College, Sikar President  - Subhash kumar Jakhar (SFI)
PG College, Dausa President - Santosh Kumar Meena (Independent)
Morarka PG College, Jhunjhunu President - Pradeep Kumar Khichar (NSUI)
Poddar College, Nawalgarh President - Sohanlal Saini (Independent)
Churu Girls College President - Divya Ojha (NSUI)
MLV Boys College, Bhilwara President - Anmol Parashar (ABVP)
SMM Girls college, Bhilwara President - Bharti Dadhich (ABVP)
Maharana Pratap College, Chittorgarh President - Nitin Verma (independent)
Bangar College, Pali President - Rishipal singh Kumpawat (NSUI)
Law college, Pali president - Jitendra Kumawar (ABVP)
PG College, Jalore President - Onkar Singh (Independent)
PG College Sirohi President - Kuldeep Singh Balawat (ABVP)
Aburoad College president - Bharat kumar (ABVP)
MS College, Bikaner president - Bhanupriya Rathore (ABVP)
Govt. Law College, Bikaner President - Arya atulanand Swami (ABVP)
Dungar College, Bikaner President- Maniram Saharan (NSUI)
Law college, Kita President - Pradeep kumar Suman (ABVP)
Bangar College, Didwana President - Bhivaram (ABVP)
Jhalawar College President - Akshay Sharma (ABVP)
BR Mirdha College, Nagaur President - Deenaram  (ABVP)
Girls College, Nagaur President - Geeta Kansara (ABVP)
Meera Girls College, Udaipur President - Pratibha Kanwar (ABVP)
Girls College Pipadcity President - Shalini Kachhwaha (NSUI)
Govt. College Bhopalgarh President - Mahendra Geela (Independent)
Banswara: NSUI wins in all Four Govt. Colleges
Kota Univeristy President: Manish Choudhary wins by 1 Vote
Medical College, Kota President: Ankit Kumar
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