Rajasthan Cabinet approve ban on 'Gutka'

Rajasthan Government today put ban on sale of gutka in the state, with approval from State cabinet today in presence of Rajathan Chief Minister(CM) Ashok Gehlot and other Ministers. The ban will cover the manufacture, storage, sale and distribution of gutka, paan masala and all other forms of chewing tobacco containing tobacco and nicotine as ingredients. taking to reporter Rajasthan CM Ashok gehlot urge people to support the proposed ban and say NO to gutkha for own health and better society.
Interestingly, ban on gutka already exists in states like Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. Now Rajasthan also joins the elite group with ban on such products that affect the lives and healths of people. Other states are also mulling a complete ban on the Gutkha. Recently, Himachal government deferred implementation of its orders to ban Gutkha and other tobacco products till October 2, 2012 after pressure from Gutkha dealers. Punjab is also close to imposing a similar ban.