MKSS Demads 200 days Employement in MGNREGA

Mazdoor Kishan Shakti Sanghatan(MKSS) has urged the Rajasthan Government to ensure 200-day assured employment in the current year under the MGNREGA to the most backward Saharia, Kathodi and Kherwa tribal people and early announcement of hike in the wages to MGNREGA workers at par to the revised rate of the minimum wages in the state. The NGO has raised the demands in a letter submitted today to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot who is ex-officio Chairman of the State Employment Guarantee Council. In the letter the NGO-working for tribals and toiling masses particularly in the rural areas, stated that in view of the miserable economic status of the above three tribes, state government on its own had given 200-day employment under the MGNGEGA to them last year. "This had impacted well and had provided them hope and energy for better life, hence this year too, people of these tribes be provided 200-day employment," the NGO spokesman Shanker Singh said. Besides, in view of recent hike of Rs 12 per day in minimum wage payable to daily wagers, the state government should take steps to effect similar hike in the wage payable to workers at MGNERGA works, he said.
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