5th KCK Awards invites entries for Excellence in Print Journalism

Patrika group, one of the most prestigious media groups of the country has announced the Fifth International KCK Award. This annual award in the hallowed memory of Sh. Karpoor Chandra Kulish, the founder of Rajasthan Patrika, is aimed at recognizing outstanding contributions of journalists in upholding professional values as well as protecting and promoting ethics, the right and freedom of the people. The theme of KCK Awards 2011 is publication entries is "Changemakers".   One award of US$ 11,000 would be given to the winner of the KCK Award. A medal and certificate shall be conferred to the team members. The trophy and prize money shall be awarded to the institution or team leader on behalf of the team ensuring due credit to the team. The distribution of the prize money rests with the concerned institution or leader of the team. Awards are restricted to Print Media only. Two institutions shall share the amount if the Jury adjudge them equal. Ten entries shall also receive special mention and would be given certificate of merit and medal.
Theme for KCK award - 2011 "Changemakers"
"Change is inevitable in any progressive society and a reflection of tireless and selfless efforts of the Changemakers. There are people and organizations whose individual and collective endeavors have been instrumental in bringing paradigm shifts and change in practices in different fields of human activities. Big changes led by lateral thinkers improve common understanding, create systems for replicating the ideas, lessen human suffering, help build better societies and leave indelible impact. Its been a challenge for the Changemakers to sustain against all odds and simultaneously establish strength of their ideas and inspire the world to emulate. If their efforts translate into policy change or attempt total shift in processes or impact larger groups of societies they would be talked about, debated or appreciated. Media has the onus to bring to the fore the efforts/ concepts/ journeys of the Changemakers who have contributed / have been contributing significantly to the society. Media stories can catch the waves of change, identify the Changemakers, investigate the claims and measure impact from journalistic yardsticks. Caution should also be observed in finding right people, speaking for genuine people and genuine efforts having larger canvas and broader vision."