Jaipur all set for Kites Festival 2012

The Pink city Jaipur is all set to host Kites Festival 2012 on festival of Makar Sakranti on 14 January, 2012. From royal splendour to riotous egalitarianism, 14 January is celebrated in India as Makar Sankranti - heralding the transition of the sun into the Northern hemisphere. In Jaipur kites virtually blot out the sky. Everyone joins in this riotous celebration and shouts of " Woh Kata Hai" reverberate from rooftops to the accompaniment of drums as adversary's kites' string is cut. And everyone's an adversary! Any kite in the sky is fair game!If you are a kite lover, you must participate and enjoy the festival in pink city Jaipur.For more details about Kite festival 2012 Click here and participate the festival of joy.
The kite festival in Jaipur, which will be held from 14th to 16th, January, 2012 is a one of its kind festival in India which attracts the best kite flyers of the world to participate in this unique festival and display their kite flying skills. During this International Kite Festival, Jaipur in Rajasthan, is a riot of color, pomp and pageantry. The three days kite flying festival has two distinct segments - the kite flying competition and the exhibition flying. In the kite flying competition there is intense rivalry as there is much at stake by way of trophies and awards. While in exhibition flying, expert kite flyers from all over the world are provided with an opportunity to display their unusual kite flying competencies. Kites that look like wasps, exquisite stained glass windows, graceful mythical birds soar in the sky and the sky shimmers with magic.