Rajasthan doctors' strike Day 5, 40 Patients dead

Rajasthan doctors' strike enter Day 5 with no solution yet. The death toll during the five days of doctors' strike has now reached 40 in state. Surgeries postponed and patients suffering without medical care forced the authorities to deploy army doctors and retired medical officers as an interim measure. Due to unavailability of medical assistance 44 people have died in different parts of Rajasthan. Patients in several district hospitals, primary health centers and dispensaries are suffering due to non-availability o f doctors.The authorities have so far suspended 41 striking doctors while 379 have been arrested under the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA).
Of the total of 8,503 doctors in government services, 5,600 are on strike, throwing the system out of gear. Meanwhile, the state government has handed over three hospitals to Border Security Force (BSF) in Barmer, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. The government has also published a list of private hospitals where the patients can get treated free of cost. About 50 patients died in Rajasthan after doctors called a similar strike following police assault on their colleagues in September 2010.