Police raids MLM Companies RCM, Starnet in Bhilwara

Rajasthan Police conducted searches on Bhilwara based Multi Level Marketing(MLM) Companies RCM Business and Starnet in possible fraud case and irregularities in these MLM Companies.  RCM Business is one of MLM companies where police raids on saturday. Meanwhile police seize RCM Servers and Vehicles. Police orders directors of RCM to not leave country while Four officers of RCM has been arrested by Police as per sources. Though there are no clear estimates on money. Former BJP MLA Ramrichpal Nuwal owns the MLM comapany Starnet which may bring political storm in rajasthan in upcoming days.
 “RCM had its branches in almost every district in the state. So help from various district police forces needs to be sought to find the financial irregularities in the company,” said Dutta. Police have also registered at least a dozen cases of fraud and cheating against the company and its directors. RCM used to invite people to become members by paying Rs 1,500; and those members were instead asked to bring in more members to avail a commission of 10%, said police. “We have also scanned the bank accounts of the directors and found that they had 40 current accounts in 15 different banks. We have asked the bank authorities to stop payment,” he added. Police added RCM was initially registered as Fashion Suitings Limited in 2000. “Till date, no company by the name RCM has been registered under the Company Act,” he said. The company has nearly 1.25 crore members as per TOI Report.
Dear readers we are amazed on reaction on recent development on MLM Companies like RCM, Starnet, Preeya Pariwar and others and police investigation on possible fraud cases, Some of our RCM Gurus want proof instead of helping people or showing right path. So here are some of news development on MLM Companies during last 4 days by Times of India(TOI), Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika.
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