Lokpal Bill for consideration in Lok Sabha: Live Highlights

Lokpal Bill for consideration and passing in Lok Sabha: Live Highlights on 27 November 2011:
1:05 (IST) Kapil Sibal:  Sibal clearly favor reservation for Minorities in Lokpal.
1:05 (IST) Kapil Sibal: Sibal emphasis the demand of strong Lokayukt in State govt as real corruption is at state govt level the main corruption is at lower level. such as no work by Patwari, Ration shops, lack of basic medical services.    
12:52 (IST) Kapil Sibal: BJP didn't want Lokpal bill to pass
12:48 (IST) Kapil Sibal: If you do not let this Bill pass, the nation will never forgive you
12:46 (IST) Kapil Sibal: Now kapil sibbal on chair to reply sushma Swaraj.
12:44 (IST) Lalu Prasad Yadav: Lalu yadav stands and demand to stop the discussion as anna hazare rejected Lokpal Bill...what a funny man!
12:42 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: She finally ends with demand of strong bill even after 2-3 month.
12:41 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: Send lokpal bill back to standing committee , we want strong bill, better take time of 2-3 Month but bill must be strong.
12:40 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: Lokpal bill comes under pressure from Jan Aandolan, we demands strong Lokpal. 12:36 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: Raise the role of CBI in the case of Home minister P. Chidambaram, BJP demands CBI as independent investigation agency. 12:26 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: PM Should be under Lokpal Bill.
12:19 (IST) An exchange of words between Sushma Swaraj and Lalu Yadav on 4.5% reservation for minority from OBC Quota, why lalu yadav didn't oppose that, to get muslim votes in Bihar. 12:15 (IST) BJP leader Sushma Swaraj against a minority quota.
12:03 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: The Lokpal Bill is unconstitutional.12:00 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: Many states, like Uttarakhand, have a better Bill than yours.
11:53 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: This Bill violates federal structure.11:49 (IST) Sushma Swaraj: It is a weak, flawed Bill.
11:45 (IST) Sushma Swaraj begins has risen to move amendments.