CBI wants narco test of Bhanwari’s husband

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has proposed a narco-analysis test of missing nurse Bhanwari Devi's husband Amarchand who is presently in the agency's custody.  The CBI, which is handling the case, filed its status report with the Rajasthan High Court today. Sources say that the investigating agency claims Amarchand Nat has revealed that he was given ten lakhs by Sohan Lal Vishnoi, the first man arrested in the case, and Sahi Ram, the alleged mastermind, who remains missing. Bhanwari Devi, a nurse and regular star in folk music videos, was last seen near her home in a village near Jodhpur on September 1. That day, she told Amarchand that she needed to travel to a nearby town named Bilada. He said he needed to get their car repaired, and asked her to take the bus. She was never seen again. The CBI believes she was kidnapped after she met up with Sohan Lal Vishnoi in Bilada. Inquiries reveal that there was nothing wrong with Amarchand's car.
Bhanwari disappeared amid reports that she was using a sex CD to blackmail Mahipal Maderna, who was a minister in the Congress government at the time. After Mr Maderna was arrested, he said he was introduced to the nurse by another Congress politician, Malkhan Singh. Earlier this week, Amarchand reportedly told the CBI that he believes his youngest child was fathered by Mr Singh. It was Amarchand who reported his wife missing and then pushed for Mr Maderna to be charged with her rape and murder. But when the CBI began interrogating him, he tried to run away. He was arrested on December 8. Mr Maderna is in jail. Malkhan Singh is also considered a key suspect in this case but in recent weeks, he is proving to be uncooperative.