Another MML company Tulip Global under Police radar

Rajasthan seems to be safe heaven for MLM Companies and Scams. Police registered case against one more MLM company One more company Tulip Global Pvt Ltd. Jaipur based Tulip Global reportedly has duped over 30 lakhs investors on promise of providing high returns. The police have registered a case against the director of the company and its agents. The police said the investors tried to contact the officials of the company, located at third floor, Jaipur Tower on MI Road on Saturday last, but the office was locked. As per one of leading news paper of India, Dainik Bhasar report, The investors said they had approached the office on Monday to claim the payment against a medi claim policy, but officials asked them to come on Saturday. When they visited again on Saturday, they found the office shut. A complaint has been filed by Daulat Singh and Salab Verma against director PC Jain and its agents, police said. Similar news was reported in rajasthan by
This is not the first case of MLM(Multi Level Marketing) company which comes in news in possible fraud case. Earlier police registered the fraud cases against MLM Companies like Starnet, RCM Business, Gold Sukh, Preeya Pariwar and dozen of other MLM companies. Govt and Police must work hard so that hard earn money should not be wasted by poor people of villages, small town who are not aware of complexity of promises and regulations of these kind of companies.