Pushkar fair 2011 begins in Rajasthan

Famous Pushkar fair, which attracts lakhs of people including foreign tourists, began today with a number of cultural programmes, group dance and camel race.  Rajasthan's Minister of State for Information and Public Relations Ashok Baiwa formally inaugurated the fair, which takes place in the Hindu month of Kartika beginning on 8th day of Lunar calendar and continues till full moon.  Over five lakh people are likely to visit the fair in Pushkar, some 15-km from here, officials said.
A large number of people from rural areas have already reached Pushkar, around 15 km from here, and brought along with them camels and horses for livestock trading.  Cattle trading mostly takes place during the first half of the festival period, while religious activities dominate the later half.  Nearly 20,000 cattle are likely to be brought to the fair for livestock trading, the officials said