Gehlot's chopper makes emergency landing, CM safe

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had narrow escape when one of the wings of his helicopter got damaged partially mid-air and the pilots were forced to make emergency landing near Pilani town in Jhunjhunu district. An official spokesman told UNI here that the Chief Minister's Agusta Chopper took off from the Sanganer airport here around 1030 hrs for Nyangli in Churu district where Mr Gehlot was scheduled to attend a programme. However, it was flying over Pilani around 1115 hrs on 20th Nov. when one of the wings got partially damaged.
Pilots Capt UK Sharma and Capt Rakesh Sharma instantly made an emergency safe landing in a place, about 12 Kms from Pilani. "The Chief Minister is safe and proceeded for Nyangli by road in a private vehicle", the spokesman said. Prasing the pilots for their presence of mind and swift action, Mr Gehlot said, "They have acted in a wise manner". The Chief Minister had faced a similar situation in 1999-2000 during his previous regime, when he was going to attend the funeral of a Kargil martyr. His chopper had made an emergency landing in the same location.