Diwali Special train between Mumbai - Rajasthan announced

Indian Railways announced a special train for Mumbai to Rajasthan ‘Bikaner-Bandra special’ for upcoming Diwali Festival season for commutators. The introduction of the Mumbai special train will serve the increasing number of commuters during the festive season. The special train to Mumbai will ply five times on the route in a month.
The special train will undertake its journey from Bikaner on October 17, 24 and 31 while it will serve the commuters again on November 7, 14 towards Bandra. The train will leave from Bandra on 18, 25 in October and on 1, 8, 15 in the month of November. The train will reach Jodhpur at 7:20 pm. The PRO, Gopal Sharma, stated that the ‘Bikaner-bandra special’ no. 04727 will be available at 3 pm on every Monday. The train will undertake the journey via Nagaur and Medhta road before reaching Jodhpur at 7:15 pm. The train will thereon leave for Bandra at 7:20 pm. The train has a stoppage at Pali Marwarh, Marwarh junction, Rani, Falna, Sirohi road, Abu road and Ahmedabad before reaching Bandra at 1:05 pm.  The train no. 04728 will be available from Bandra at 2:35 pm on every Tuesday. The train will go through Ahmedabad, Abu road, Sirohi road, Falna, Marwarh junction and Pali Marwarh before reaching Jodhpur at 7:20 pm. The train will thereon leave for Bikaner at 8:48 am on the next day from Jodhpur. It will go through Medhta road, Nagaur and Nokha before reaching Bikaner at 12:40 pm.