Army begins "Sudarshan Shakti" field exercise in Rajasthan

The Southern Army today launched annual training that aims at honing of its combat edge and validating the operational preparedness in a simulated battle environment. The annual drill which started today in bordering areas along Indo-Pak border between Barmer and Jaisalmer would culminate in the months of November-December in a major field exercise christened as Sudarshan Shakti. Troops of the Southern Command are participating in the exercise which commenced with a service of small team actions, subsequently to be moved up in the command chain and culminate in large scale manoeuvres under General Officer Commanding(GoC) of the 21 Corps. "The exercise aims to demonstrate the jointmanship between the Southern Army and its counterparts in the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy and envisages innovative manoeuvres, in simulated battle environment by composite combat entities that ably supported-complemented by a wide array of force multipliers and enabling logistics", a defence spokesman said.
The Southern Army was working towards 'Capability oriented approach' based on series of transformational initiatives spanning concepts, organisational structures and absorption of new age technologies, particularly in the fields of precision munitions, advance surveillance system, space and network-centricity, under the overall guidance provided by the transformational study of the Indian Army, for which Army Chief General VK Singh and Southern Army Commander Lieutenant General AK Singh were the main proponents, he said