Agent Vinod shoot hits roadblock in Rajasthan

Saif Ali Khan - Kareena Kapoor starrer 'Agent Vinod' directed by Sriram Raghavan, has hit a roadblock while shooting in Rajasthan. It is learnt that the Rajasthan Government has refused the production the permission to resume the film's shoot at the historic Kuldhara village near Jaisalmer. The reason behind this sudden stalling of the film is that apparently said to be that the production company never obtained the permission to shoot in the historic location. Besides, though production continued to flout the rules and shoot, they even defaced the ancient site and raised structures to suit their shooting requirements without a permission to do so.
Following up on the complaints, the local police have booked three crewmembers of the film co-produced by Saif's Illuminati Films and Eros International. Further it is learnt that the set which was created to shoot the climax sequence of the film was said to have acquired all the necessary permissions and hence the crew went ahead with the remodelling. Though the issue has been dissipated, Saif is apparently no longer keen on shooting the sequence at the same location. Meanwhile Saif said "We have the highest respect for the cultural heritage of our country and we even clean up beaches when we shoot there. Sometimes we do get blamed for what other units have done in the past and I guess that is the part and parcel of working in India. Sometimes things go wrong but knowingly we won't damage anything,".