Rajasthan tourism industry back on track

Rajasthan tourism is back on track and analyst believe rajasthan is going to enjoy strong recovery in 2011. According to some analysts Rajasthan tourism will grow by 17 per cent this year and recover lost revenues from last couple of years. For past couple of years global recession has hit the tourism industry in Rajasthan very hard. Rajasthan lost millions in revenues during past couple of years. However things are different for tourism industry this year. The tourist arrivals to Rajasthan from European countries especially England is expected to be very strong this year. Considering the bookings of luxury hotels in the state, some analysts are confident of recovering lost revenues from past couple of years.
The hotel bookings for November as well December indicates somwhere between 17 per cent to 22 per cent increase in tourist arrivals to Rajasthan. Around 1.5 million foreign tourists are expected this year, a huge jump of around 50 per cent. Even though global economy continues to go through a very tough phase, Rajasthan tourism is expected to do strong. Arrivals from United States and Spain have also increased this year.