Indian Gunners celebrates Glorious history

Indian Artillery Gunners today celebrated 184th year of their regiment with much fanfare. Functions were held in the military stations in Pink City of Jaipur and the Suncity of Jodhpur to mark the day of the regiment, whose warriors have determined the outcome of many battles by their firepower and professionalism of highest order. With their deeds and glorious track record, the gunners have enabled this vital arm of the Army to gradually become an all-encompassing force that now dictates outcome of battles. The regiment marks its beginning on this day in 1827 with the raising of the 5 (Bombay) Mountain Battery as the 8th Company of the Golandaz Battalion, Bombay Foot Artillery. Since then, the Indian artillery by its valour and professionalism in most difficult operational theatres in India and abroad has come to age.
Indeed, this has been the case wherever the 'Indian Gunners' went, whether to the North West Frontier Province, on expeditionary duties prior to World War I, or to subsequent battles and wars later. Be it in the deserts of Libya, fighting the Rommel's Panzer Army and winning Honour Title Point 171 near Bir Hachiem or against the onslaught of the Japanese Army winning Honour Title Meiktila and the Victoria Cross. Indian Independence and the operations in Kashmir during 1948-49 tested the regiment of Artillery no less. Despite deficiencies and shortage, the regiment acquitted itself with honour and glory. The Indo-Pak War of 1965 further proved that 'Indian Gunners' were the battle winning factor in any conflict. The Regiment of Artillery also recounts its operations in 1971 with Pakistan in Bangladesh, in the Western theatre and during 'Operation Vijay' during the Kargil conflict in the summer of 1999. Interspersed in between these major conflicts are the Regiment's participation in 'Operation Pawan' in Sri Lanka, 'Operation Meghdoot' at Siachen glacier and its infantry-type role in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kash