Ramadan 2011 in India from 2nd August

The Holy Month of Ramadan for year 2011 in India begin from tomorrow, August 02, 2011 as the confirmed reports of moon sighting are reported from various parts of the country as per TV and other Medai sources. "Sighting of the moon is reported from various corners of UP, Maharashtra and other part of India including Dhule, Aurangabad, Kannad and Sholapur in Maharashtra", Maulana Shakeel Faizee, Ameer Jamiat Ahle Hadees Malegaon and president of the local Hilal Committee said. "Relying on these reports it is decided to begin the Holy month of Ramadan from August 02", he added.
Reports of moon sighting have also come from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Luknow, Patna and few other parts of the country. Mumbai could not report the moon sighting due to heavy showers. But the metropolis has a precedent wherein it relies on the reports of moon sighting from the neighboring areas to start the Holy month of fasting. The countries in Gulf including Saudi Arabia have already started Ramadan from August 01.