Happy Independence Day to all Indians

RajasthanTalkies.com On the day of India’s 65th Independence Day, Rajasthantalkies.com wishes Indians all across the globe a Happy Independence Day. Independence is something which is vital to our living being and goes unnoticed while we are engrossed in our daily chores. The freedom of speech and expression, right to equality, right against exploitation, right to freedom of conscience and free profession, right to propagation of religion and much more, which we enjoy must be cherished as not everyone in this world is lucky to enjoy them.
“Freedom is taken, not given,” were the famous words uttered by Subhash Chandra Bose and it certainly holds relevance to the present day scenario. On this very day 64 years ago, India tasted the joy of freedom after more than 100 years of sufferance and suppression under the British Empire. What had been a rich prosperous land, thriving in culture and wealth, was plundered by the over-ambitious English, and it took a lot of bloodshed, struggle and will power to win back what was rightfully ours – OUR INDEPENDENCE.
RajasthanTalkies.com is celebrating India’s Independence Day 2011 with all readers.