Anna Hazare to end Fast, Govt agree 3 demands

Anna Hazare to end Fast by today or tomorrow morning as per Team anna member Shati Bhushan as Govt agree all three demands. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passes the anna's Jan Lokpal bill with sound support without even need voting as all parties support the Anna Hazare's support. The eight-hour long extraordinary debate on the Lokpal issue Saturday ended with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee expressing “a broad sense of the house” that includes an in-principle acceptance of three key demands of Anna Hazare by the Lok Sabha. Anna Hazare will break his fast at 10 am tomorrow, according to his close associate Kiran Bedi.  Bedi tweeted that the 74-year-old activist does not break his fast after sunset. “Anna is known to have never broken his fast after sunset. Recall, he did so even in April fast. This is his decision again. He decides,” she tweeted. Later, Bedi told PTI he will break the fast at 10 am tomorrow. If he breaks his fast tomorrow at 10 am, he will complete 288 hours of his hunger strike which began on August 16.