Anna Effect: Rajasthan Assembly adjourned twice

The issue of Anna Hazare-led anti-corruption crusade continued to mar the proceeding of the Rajasthan Assembly as an adamant Opposition demanded debate over the issue resuting in stalling of question hour proceeding and two adjournments in a row for a total period of one-and-a-half-hours. As soon as the House met after a two-day gap, CPI(M) legislature party leader Amara Ram rose to raise the demand of immediate debate on the issue of corruption. Mr Ram wanted that question hour be suspended and debate should be held to discuss prevailing situation in the country over the issue and explore effective measures for totally curbing corruption. Deputy Leader of BJP legislature party also supported CPI(M)'s stand and said when the Lok Sabha could suspend the question hour to discuss the issue, why this could not be done in this House.
Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the Government was ready to hold discussion any time as decided by the Chair. However, Speaker Deependra Singh Shekhawat wanted to proceed with the question hour business and called for the first question, to which Home Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal rose to reply, which was opposed by the Opposition members. Amid the din, the Speaker adjourned the House for an hour within seven minutes. When the House reassembled, the din reappeared, however, the Chairperson proceeded for zero hour business and read ruling on call attention motion and special mentions and again adjourned the House for half-an-hour within a few minutes. On the opening day of monsoon session on August 23, the Opposition BJP staged a walk-out over the issue.