Tihar Jail turn Picnic spot for VIP prisoners!

Suresh Kalmadi and other high-profile personalities may be in jail, but going by media reports, they seem to be 'lovin' it' as jail had become a "picnic spot" for scamsters. Worried that the prisoners are turning the jail into a 'picnic spot,' as alleged by BJP, the Tihar jail authorities have asked for an inquiry into the special treatment and leniency shown to Kalmadi, the former Commonwealth Games organising chief and other high profile prisoners. Earlier a media report had stated that inspecting trial court judge Brijesh Kumar Garg had found Kalmadi in the jail superintendent's chamber, apparently sharing a cup of tea and snacks with him.
Also, it is reported that the prisoners are allowed to move freely and interact with each other rather than being restricted to their cells. "Following the news report we have ordered an inquiry into the issue. The report will be ready in 48 hours," DIG (prisons) R N Sharma said. The DIG said, “The inspecting trial court judge had visited us on Thursday and was present in the Jail Superintendent’s room. Kalmadi too was waiting there for the van to take him to the hospital. Then tea arrived and Kalmadi too was offered. Other than this, we have no knowledge of any special treatment being given to him,” He also denied allegations of prisoners strolling around from one jail to another. “Whatever allegations of wrong doings inside the prison have been made, the truth would be known once the inquiry report is out. We have held a meeting of all jail superintendents and taken up the issue with them,” the DIG said.