Telangana issue: 10 MP, 82 MLA, 12 MLC Resign

Telangana issue from Andhra Pradesh reached a flashpoint on Monday when as many as 10 MPs, 82 MLAs and 12 MLCs from the volatile region resigned in mass in New Delhi and Hyderabad to press their demand for a separate state. The latest standoff in the protracted struggle spelt fresh trouble for an already beleaguered Congress, both in the state as well as at the Centre, with most of the lawmakers who put in their papers belonging to the party.
The Centre realises that its Telenagana leadership has faced enormous pressure to resign from the grass roots and partys like K Chandrashekar Rao's TRS. But will it come up with a face saver announcement on the issue without which the crisis may get worse. The TRS, meanwhile, has called for a Bandh, protest march and even a rail roko over the next few days. And agitations will only intensify the situation for the Congress government in the state and the Centre. While the party's leaders are willing to the negotiate, the question is how long can the Centre remain silent on Telangana.