Rajasthan assembly officer arrested in fake currency case

Rajasthan assembly's Senior officer allegedly printed counterfeit currency notes worth Rs 8.91 lakh to clear his debts. The man whom the section officer owed money informed the police after he noticed that all the serial numbers in the notes were the same. "We have arrested Sunil Singh, who works as a section officer in the legal cell of state legislative assembly. Singh was facing trial in a cheque-bouncing case. On Saturday, before he was to appear before the court, he promised Suresh Kumar he would pay Rs 8.91 lakh and asked him to withdraw the case," said commissioner of police B L Soni. "Sunil paid Rs 8.91 lakh to Suresh and the latter withdrew the case under Negotiable Instruments Act. But on the way, Suresh was stunned see that all the currency notes were of the same series and were of Rs 1,000 denomination. He soon informed the police," Soni said.
The accused told police that he did not have the money to clear his debts and thus he printed them at his home. "We also seized the scanner and computer from his house which were used in printing the notes," said Bajrang Singh, circle officer, Sadar. The accused was produced before a local court that remanded him in four days of police custody. "We will find out if he had circulated the counterfeit currency elsewhere in the city," Singh said.