Men deliver Child in Rajasthan!

Rajasthan's some of health centre sockhed the nation with the news when it threw all biological facts to the winds and provided “delivery” details of two dozen men. What more, one of them had delivered seven times in eight months. At this health department sub-centre in Kotda town of Udaipur district, among the patients who have had institutional deliveries since December 2010 are 32 men. Not only this, the centre’s records show some women have delivered more than one baby over this period. And all these men and women have been duly handed over cheques as stipulated under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) for each delivery. Health authorities in Udaipur recently unearthed the scam, and according to District Collector Hemant Gera, all cheques had been issued by one auxiliary nurse and midwife (ANM), Rekha Bhati, since December 2010. Some of the cheques bore Bhati’s name too. “Our inquires till now have shown that out of all deliveries done by the ANM, only a few were legal. We found that the ANM had used four or five names on most of the cheques she authorised,” said Gera, adding that a complaint was lodged against Bhati with the Anti-Corruption Bureau on Monday.