Gujjar set 30 November as deadline for Reservation

Gujjar Reservation Action Committee has agreed to give time till November 30, to the Government for completing survey for quantifying caste data base and implementing other demands. The consensus for extending the deadline till November 30, emerged during the dialogue between the three-member Ministerial Committee comprising Energy Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, Home Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal and Transport Minister Brijkishore Sharma and a 50-member mega delegation here this afternoon. "The Gujjar delegates were by-and-large satisfied with the steps/action on most of the 13 demands but they expressed disappointment over slow pace of survey work being done for generating quantified caste data base for submission before the High Court for substantiating the demand of five per cent reservation quota", Dr Singh said.
The government had explained to them that this was due to delayed beginning as it took more time in finalising appropriate company for undertaking the task, now the company engaged for the purpose had started its work and completed the task in four districts, the Energy Minister, whop himself is a Gujjar, said. Likewise, some of court cases pending before the Gujjar leaders were also being reviewed, he added.