Google+ Vs Facebook

Google recently launched Google+ silently without much fanfare to compete with Social networking giant Facebook. Google+ is in limited Field Trial at present. Google is testing with a small number of people, but soon Google+ project is ready for everyone. While Google claims that it’s a ‘field trail’ and currently the service is strictly based on invitations as their servers are ‘overloaded’, we see that as a tried and tested way of creating a viral wave of ‘unrest’ & ‘yearning’ among people worldwide. Some of features of Google+ and facebook are listed here. There is a lot of first hand analysis of the supposed ‘Facebook killer’ over the Internet.
POSITIVE Google+ over Facebook
1. Google+ provides better privacy and well layered grouping – circles
2. Google+ does not have annoying applications like facebook (may be yet)
3. Google+ combines facebook and twitter together when the main features are concerned
4. Google+ is simple and sweet – May be just because it new
5. Google+ uses the google chat for chatting. It is much better than facebook chat
NEGATIVE Google+ over Facebook
1. Google+ lacks some features that facebook has (Since it’s new and beta)
2. Google+ does not have anything special for a typical facebook freak who does not care much about privacy
3. Google+ does not have the own powerful branding as a social network (It’s a sub-product of google and not a mere social network brand like “facebook”) However, this is how it could be released because a unique branding is too weeker to compete facebook.
Checkout official demos of Google+